5 Benefits of Silk Screen Printing (No.5 Will Surprise You)

silk screen printing

Are you still stuck with paper labels for your product’s bottles meanwhile your rivals have moved to direct prints on theirs?

Don’t worry because we got you covered!

This article will introduce you to silk screen printing and the benefits of silk screen printing.

What is Silk Screen Printing?

silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is a printing technique in which the ink is pressed through a stencilled mesh screen and creates a printed design.

This technique has been used for more than 100 years, particularly in the commercial and artistic sector.

Silk screen printing is mainly used for printing images and designs on T-shirts, tote bags, bottles, paper, and other materials. 

How Does Silk Printing Work?

silk screen printing

Different materials are used in the silk printing technique.

To start, the printing frame is created by taking a square wooden or aluminium frame about the size of a T-shirt.

Then, a piece of sheer fabric is stretched tightly over the frame. 

This is the screen, which originally made of silk, but now is made of finely woven polyester or nylon.

A thin sheet of plastic, which has been cut with holes of your chosen design, is then placed over the screen.

When the screen is ready, a T-shirt is placed on a flat board and the screen is pressed onto the fabric. 

Thick ink is used to coat the screen and will then flow through the screen onto the T-shirt.

For multicolor designs, this process is done multiple times, starting with the lightest color to the darkest.

However, silk printing is not limited only for T-shirts as it could also be used for other materials and products. 

5 Benefits of Silk Screen Printing

silk screen printing

There are many benefits of silk screen printing which made it one of the most used and famous printing techniques. 

In this article, the benefits of silk screen printing is with respect to silk screening on bottles. 

1. Cost-effective

The initial cost required for silk screen printing is quite low compared to other printing techniques. 

If you are looking to print in bulk, this technique is the most cost-effective. 

This is because all you need is a silk screen template with the design you want and you can use it repeatedly to print on many of your products. 

If your products are sold out, you can reprint without having to worry about the cost of setting up the silk screen template, as long as you have the initial template.

2. Durable

Silk screen prints are highly durable. 

For printing labels on bottles, you would want your labels to be long lasting.

Paper labels would not last long as you have to consider shelf wear, scuffing and moisture.

Even if waterproof paper is used, it cannot beat the permanent effect created by screen printed labels.

Silk screen printing uses inks that are scratch-resistant such as ultraviolet ink and epoxy ink.

This makes the designs last for a long time so you don’t have to worry about the design being dull, fading, or flaking away.

3. High print quality

Silk screen printing produces a great finish with more vibrant colors which is hard to replicate using other techniques.

This technique allows sharper, cleaner lines and more well-defined details.

This includes small texts and fine lines that most bottle labels have.

So, fret not because the result will turn into a clearer image for your printing.

4. Wide print area

Your bottle is your canvas when using silk screen printing. 

Unlike paper labels, your design label size is restricted to the shape of the bottle.

This technique allows you to get creative as you are not constricted to the shape and size of your bottle.

You can also bring out saturated colors and textural qualities of your designs by using different silk screen inks.

5. Distinctive branding

When competing with other products, it is vital to stand out, and silk screen printing allows you to do just that.

You can make bolder and more eye-catching designs using thicker inks that allow you to create different finishes.

The designs are visible even from far away making your label unique.

In return, you will create a memorable impression on your customers.

Where to get Silk Screen Print Service?

Pretty sure after reading the benefits of silk screen printing, you would want to be among the first to use it. 

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