Are You Looking For A Plastic Container Supplier? Check Out Here!

plastic container supplier

In today’s era of the emergence of cosmetics, we also witness the emergence of various containers in terms of materials, designs and sizes.  Many product owners are finding ways to find better containers, not just in terms of the designs but also in materials. There are many pros and cons to different types of materials […]

Digital Printing Service In Malaysia: Find Out The Best Service You Can Get!

digital printing malaysia

Are you looking for printing services for your products? It is time for you to start paying attention to digital printing. Digital printing has many benefits, which will help your products appear more exclusive and sophisticated. Look around, people are shifting from stickers to on-bottle prints, and you should too. Read on, and we’ll share […]

Supplier Botol Plastik Terbaik Untuk Produk Anda

Adakah anda mempunyai produk komestik tetapi masih belum ada botol atau bekas yang terbaik untuk mengisinya? Jangan risau, anda bukannya seorang yang mempunyai masalah ini.  Ramai pemilik produk kosmetik sukar mencari botol atau bekas yang menarik, sesuai dan yang paling penting, berpatutan. Anda dah boleh berhenti mencari sebab di sini kami akan kongsikan tentang botol […]

7 Best Plastic Manufacturers In Malaysia (UPDATE 2021)

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Are you seeking a reputable plastic manufacturer in Malaysia?  Looking to establish a cosmetic line of your own and want the most professional-looking packaging? You are aware, however, that most professional packaging is more on the expensive side. So, you are left scratching your head on researching the most affordable and the best of quality […]

Cosmetic Packaging Malaysia: 5 Best Suppliers You Must Consider

cosmetic packaging malaysia

Are you looking for the best cosmetic packaging supplier in Malaysia? If your business is in the beauty and cosmetic line, you would understand the importance of your product’s packaging. Packaging for cosmetic and beauty products has come a long way- from just being functional to both functional and aesthetic.  Most packaging companies that sell […]

Bottle Packaging Vs. Jar Packaging: Which One Is Better?

bottle packaging

You would be surprised how big of a role product packaging is playing when it comes to consumer decisions. Aesthetic is necessary to draw your customers in but what will capture their heart is the quality of the packaging.  You would want to offer more than just what meets the eyes. When it comes to […]

5 Benefits of Silk Screen Printing (No.5 Will Surprise You)

silk screen printing

Are you still stuck with paper labels for your product’s bottles meanwhile your rivals have moved to direct prints on theirs? Don’t worry because we got you covered! This article will introduce you to silk screen printing and the benefits of silk screen printing. What is Silk Screen Printing? Silk screen printing is a printing […]

Plastic Container: 5 Reasons Why It Is the Best Option for Cosmetics

plastic container

Have you noticed how plastic containers are often used in the cosmetic field for packaging? Be it a foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick or blusher, most of them come with the plastic container.  Some of you might wonder why they use a plastic container as packaging instead of any other materials such as glasses or aluminium as […]