Tips on Recycling Cosmetic & Makeup Containers

Repurposing makeup containers, as well as recycling cosmetic containers, are now made easier by many concerned companies and organizations. Penny & Pine, for instance, is an eco-friendly and sustainable company. Together with the world’s best brands, our advocacies go beyond the product. Do your other favorite brands share the same values?

Here’s how to find out if your favorite brands support your advocacy:

Tip #1: Check and see if the container’s company has a recycling program!
A good number of the world’s most known (and expensive) brands offer free shipping and freebies. Check out their product packaging and website for programs, partners, and details.

Tip #2: Recycle those caps
Hard plastic caps used on bottles and skincare products are more difficult to recycle – which is why very few offer programs that accept plastic caps. If the company doesn’t accept plastic caps, go the extra mile be sending yours to a cap recycling company such as Gimme 5 Caps Recycling or

Tip #3: Clean those containers before throwing them in the recycling bin
Cleaning out containers before throwing them into the recycling bin can be the most generous gesture you could do. It is this extra step that makes a world of a difference.

Tip #4: Contact your recycling company and ask about what you can recycle
What you CAN recycle can astound you! Do ask around. As technology improves, many recycling programs are finding more ways to reduce landfill waste. All it takes is a call or a quick Google search.

The pursuit of beauty doesn’t have to be destructive to the environment. Repurpose makeup containers and give them a new lease on life or walk that extra mile and get those receptacles into a recycling station!

It’s a great gift we can give to ourselves and to the environment!

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