5 Reasons Why Aluminium is The Best Choice

1) Safety Concerns with Aluminium
There was some concern about the material leeching into cosmetic products and making them dangerous for use. However, choosing the right containers and following safety guidelines makes aluminium an acceptable material for cosmetic packaging. If aluminium is chosen for a product, there should be information available to the consumer about the safety guidelines and precedes that were used to manufacture the container.

2) Benefits of Aluminium Over Plastic
First, aluminium allows for the packing of a product to be much more lightweight. Many consumers prefer this lightweight design over the heavy glass and plastic bottles. Aluminium also allows for a more modern design that plastic. There is a good deal of customization that can be done to the packaging, but the metal itself also creates a contemporary look. It is also worth mentioning that aluminium packaging could increase the life of a product. The lining needed to make aluminium a safe and effective option for products also protects the product from outside elements which allows it to last longer inside of the container.

3) Green with Aluminium
For companies that are interested in taking steps toward going green, this is one way to get started. Environmentally mindful consumers will be happy to see less plastic on the shelves. Choosing aluminium can be a great way to market a product as being better for the environment.

4) Simplifying Packaging
Aluminium containers allow for in-line printing. This means that logos, designs, and information can be printed directly onto the bottle and additional labels will be unnecessary. This will save a step in the process and will create less waste. Again, companies can use this as a way to market their products as being more environmentally friendly. It can also improve the look of the product.

5) Get the Look
A final benefit to choosing aluminium is that the material is easy to work with. Many manufactures prefer using aluminium because it can be manipulated easily to create a variety of looks. Colors can be changed, a variety of container shapes can be created, and the containers will remain durable due to the nature of aluminium. All of this can be done while maintaining the higher-end look of using metal as the packaging material.


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