Benefit Of Plastic Bottle Packaging

The abundant benefit of plastic bottle packaging made it one of the best way to pack your goods these days. This is because;

Plastic is a synthetic polymer material with various advantages :

(1) Good mechanical properties, lightweight, easy storage and transportation, easy to carry;

(2) Permeability, good insulation and high sternness;

(3) Good processing performance, can be made in various sizes of bottles, covers, films, bags and composite packaging materials;

(4) Good decorative coloring and printing. Identification of drugs, instructions, signs and barcodes may be pasted or printed directly on plastic material;

(5) Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health and safety. Medical cover can be made on a cap or pressure, and anti-artificial identification, etc.

(6) The disadvantages of plastic wrap containers are that they are easy to carry static electricity, the surface is easily polluted, and if the user throws the plastic into the garbage, it can cause environmental pollution, and recycling is more difficult


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