Bottle Packaging Vs. Jar Packaging: Which One Is Better?

bottle packaging

You would be surprised how big of a role product packaging is playing when it comes to consumer decisions.

Aesthetic is necessary to draw your customers in but what will capture their heart is the quality of the packaging. 

You would want to offer more than just what meets the eyes.

When it comes to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or toiletries, you have to be wary as some packages make products expire faster than you’d think. 

In this article, we will be comparing two types of packaging – bottle and jar packaging. 


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Bottle Packaging

bottle packaging

Bottle packaging is widely adopted as packaging materials for many consumer goods. It is adaptable to your needs as you can decide its size, shape, and color.

The materials most popular with bottle packaging are glass and plastic, as both are moldable to your desire. 

Apart from that, bottle packaging is great to be filled with liquids and solutions such as toners and cleansers.

Most bottle packaging gives you a few finishing choices, whether you want it to be transparent, frosted, or colored. 

For transparent bottles, you can fill it with any type of product as long as the product does not contain sensitive ingredients at high concentrations.

This is due to the fact that radiation can penetrate through the transparent bottles. 

The same goes for antioxidants and retinol, transparent bottles should not be used as UV light might deactivate them. 

Other than that, bottles are practical, easy to use, and functional, so customers do not have to worry about the bottle being crumpled up or exposed to other foreign matter.

Also, depending on the bottle cap, customers can avoid accidental product wastage, spoilage,cost-effective and contamination. 

Seeing that consumers are more environmentally conscious, bottle packaging can offer customers a more sustainable approach for it is easy to refill products into bottles. 

And most important of all, bottle packaging is durable and hardwearing. 

However, glass bottles can be quite fragile in terms of impact which needs extra care when handling it. 


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Jar Packaging

bottle packaging

Jar packaging is also favored packaging format for decades especially for thicker formulations such as thick creams, ointments, and body moisturizers.

Jars can be made of glass, plastic or aluminium and their design ranges from practical to elegant and stylish.

Glass jars is regarded as the golden standard for packaging in terms of health, taste and environmental impacts.

It has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, recyclable and impermeable.

Plastic jars, on the other hand, have a relatively high degree of durability and are also cost effective for production. 

Other than that, jars also come in different wall thickness, from thin to double-walled designs which can be suited to your needs. 

The double-walled design provides an additional barrier from other elements, and when paired with dome caps, it has a high end look that most cosmetic brands are reaching for.

But that is not the only reason as jar packaging is sturdy and lightweight. 

It is also convenient to have small jars for your products so your customer can easily bring them anywhere. 

Featuring a wide opening, many consumers find it is easy to remove the product in jars by using a finger, spatula brush or cotton pad. 

However, jar packaging poses two potential problems which are bacterial contamination and oxidation of the ingredients. 

Products in jar packaging require high concentration of preservatives to avoid damage caused by microorganisms.


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Which One Should You Choose?

Even though bottles are functional and easy to be applied, many consumers still prefer weighty, premium looking jars.

It is also easier and less expensive for companies to put their formulas in jars.

However, the most important element that a packaging has to tackle is the suitability of the packaging to the products. 

When it comes to the best ingredients for skin such as antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, jars can be quite detrimental.

This is due to oxidation of ingredients which is the breaking down of the ingredients when exposed to air and sunlight, rendering them ineffective. 

There’s also the hygiene issue when it comes to jar packaging. 

When one dip their fingers into the jar, the formula gets contaminated even when you have washed your hands or used the spatula.

It is impossible to keep the tools and your fingers completely clean.

Even with preservatives, this act can still contribute to bacterial contamination which further the deterioration of the beneficial ingredients. 

Different from bottles which keep the products uninhibited in the packaging.

Unlike screw-top caps, bottles come with various choices of bottle caps from pump heads and spray nozzles, protecting wastage and increasing the product’s longevity. 

In conclusion, both types of packaging have their own advantages and disadvantages but are widely favored in the industry.

What matters most is the quality of the packaging for your product.

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