Cosmetic Packaging Malaysia: 5 Best Suppliers You Must Consider

cosmetic packaging malaysia

Are you looking for the best cosmetic packaging supplier in Malaysia?

If your business is in the beauty and cosmetic line, you would understand the importance of your product’s packaging.

Packaging for cosmetic and beauty products has come a long way- from just being functional to both functional and aesthetic. 

Most packaging companies that sell cosmetic packaging products have a wide range of cosmetic containers for you to choose from.

And most of those companies also provide labeling and printing services for your containers. 

You might ask where and which companies you can get your cosmetic packaging from, right?

Don’t worry, we got you. This article will share 5 best suppliers of cosmetic packaging in Malaysia.


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Things To Consider When Choosing Your Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

cosmetic packaging malaysia

When choosing your cosmetic packaging supplier, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

To help your products achieve their sales targets, you have to appeal to your target market. 

In doing that, you have to keep your cosmetic packaging supplier close.

Your cosmetic packaging supplier must have good customer service, sales support, and competitive pricing. 

Other than that, you have to ensure that they provide the best quality in their containers, regardless of the material- plastic, glass, or metal. 

If possible, find companies that can supply containers with applicators, dispensers, and mirrors, in case you need it.

The designs must fit your budget, despite the fact that it has to be innovative and creative to help your product stand out. 

Also, consider companies that provide printing, labeling and decorating containers. 


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5 Cosmetics Packaging Suppliers In Malaysia

cosmetic packaging malaysia

Now you know what to find in cosmetic packaging suppliers, let’s find the best cosmetic packaging for you.

This article will share with you 5 best suppliers for cosmetic packaging in Malaysia!

1. Botol Anggun

cosmetic packaging malaysia

Formerly known as A2Y Glass & Plastic Supplier, Botol Anggun has helped more than a thousand entrepreneurs since 2015.

Botol Anggun is the largest Bumiputera supplier for cosmetics bottles and containers.

You can consider them as the one-stop centre supplier for you to find any type of packaging for your products.

They have more than 200 types of cosmetic bottles and containers with exclusive designs.

You will find that they can offer you all types of materials, from plastic to glass, for your cosmetic packaging.

Botol Anggun is willing to supply custom made designs for you if a certain purchase quantity is met.

However, if you do not want to order in bulk, you will find no problem ordering with Botol Anggun as they also allow purchase in low quantities. 

And the best part is, you can buy in small quantities with wholesale price!

2. DSM Packaging Sdn Bhd

DSM Packaging Sdn Bhd specializes in designing and manufacturing packaging products for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

They offer a wide range of materials for your cosmetic packaging such as acrylic, glass, aluminium and plastic.

They are committed in building good relationships with their existing clients and are looking forward to forming new connections with potential clients. 

Being in the field for many years, DSM Packaging has a dedicated team to ensure they meet their clients’ requirements and standards. 

3. Percetakan Tenaga

Percetakan Tenaga offers various ranges of cosmetic packaging, from nail polish and perfumes to lipsticks and skincare products.

They are committed in providing packaging that creates a premium branding for your products. 

If you want eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, this is the one for you as you can opt for one.

The minimum order quantity for your cosmetic packaging with Percetakan Tenaga is between 5,000 and above. 

If you want customized quantities, it will increase the labor costs that you have to bear as they will need to be handmade. 

4. Halal OEM Manufacturer

UMZ BIOLINE Manufacturer is one of the best OEM cosmetic manufacturer companies in Malaysia. 

They offer services such as raw materials procurement, packaging materials, bulk ingredients, product filling and final product registration.

Incorporating both nature and science, they make sure to use the best ingredients for a safe, organic and natural packaging. 

You can opt between mass production or in batch production with Halal OEM Manufacturer. 

5. Intercosmetic Asia Pacific

Formerly known as Intercos Asia Pacific, Intercosmetic Asia Pacific is a one-stop platform of global innovative technologies for OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturing. 

Since 1998, they have been producing high quality products at competitive pricing for global cosmetics brands. 

They collaborate with major global technology partners to provide unique, innovative cosmetic products. 

They can help you design your ideal product range.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing your cosmetic packaging supplier can be a time consuming and daunting task.

All companies have their own perks to offer, but it all comes back to what you need, and find the one that can tick all, if not most, of the boxes in your checklist. 

Remember, what matters most is the quality of the packaging for your product.

If you are looking for the best packaging for your product that is high quality with attractive designs, Botol Anggun should be in your radar! 

Botol Anggun is a Bumiputera company and is the biggest supplier of glass and plastic bottles for cosmetic products in Malaysia. 

They have a wide range of product packaging for your choosing.

If you are unsure of which packaging to choose from, you can always get advice from their friendly customer service. 

With Botol Anggun, you can not only find good packaging but also printing service for your logos and labels. 

The best part is that you can get it at wholesale prices even when you order in small quantities!

Drop your orders now!

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