Digital Printing Service In Malaysia: Find Out The Best Service You Can Get!

digital printing malaysia

Are you looking for printing services for your products?

It is time for you to start paying attention to digital printing.

Digital printing has many benefits, which will help your products appear more exclusive and sophisticated.

Look around, people are shifting from stickers to on-bottle prints, and you should too.

Read on, and we’ll share with you what digital printing is, how to get started and where you can find the best digital printing service in Malaysia.


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What is Digital Printing?

digital printing malaysia

Digital printing allows you to directly print from a digital image onto different media such as plastic, paper, fabric, and many more.

It is professionally done print work from various digital sources printed using inkjet printers of high volume or large format.

Even though printing is more costly than conventional methods, it eliminates the cost of printing plates, which lowers the overall cost.

The pros of choosing digital printing are that it can be done on-demand and in a short time. 

You can also alter images easily while saving in terms of labour with digital printing.

It is now possible to print huge orders, maybe thousands of sheets, at a low price via digital printing. 


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4 Crucial Steps 

There are a few crucial steps to take to print your designs using digital printing. 

  • Generate Idea

When designing, you have to be specific in what you want and what you want to achieve with your design.

Make sure your target audience and purpose is conveyed in your design. 

digital printing malaysia
  • Appropriate Content

Begin the artwork once you have a firm grasp on the primary idea.

The content  must be appropriate to your goal, such as logos, images, and text. 

Use colours, images, and text representing your brand and company if you want the branding message to be ingrained in your customers’ brains.

Keep some basic content easily accessible for future use so you can save time and energy. 

  • Maintain Professional Tone

Keep it professional with the design as you represent your company’s image to avoid potentially harming your reputation.

Whether it’s an ad, your logo, or even handouts, professional designs can help you establish your brand and win confidence.

If you are unable to afford a full-time in-house designer, you can always outsource design professionals. 

  • Proofread
digital printing malaysia

Proofreading is essential in creating content despite the purpose it holds. 

Ensure that there are no grammar mistakes, addresses, dates, spelling errors, and so on.

Only finalize the product when you are certain that it is flawless and according to your wishes.


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6 Benefits of Digital Printing

digital printing malaysia

There are many advantages of digital printing.

Here are 6 of them that will make you decide to choose digital printing for your products. 

  • Various Data Capability

When it comes to names, addresses and numbering, data capability is easily variable.

Which means, you can personalise your targeted audience with no hassle and also improve response times! 

  • Saves Time

Compared to traditional printing methods, digital printing has proven to be much faster.

And every print remains the same consistency so, who wouldn’t want that? 

  • Celebrate Your Creativity

With digital printing, you can let loose and get as creative as you want to. 

It is able to support and accommodate creative ideas from the get go.

Advanced technology of digital printing has rendered digital quality acceptable for wide-ranging printing projects. 

  • Lower Cost

This is true for short production runs as the setup costs are much less expensive.

Digital printing is the more affordable option when smaller quantities are required for a short run digital print.

  • Lower Minimum Quantity 

Digital printing allows minimum quantities to be much lower starting from only one item.

You can set your own minimum quantity that you want and on-demand printing can be carried out quickly without commitment. 

  • Cheaper for Black and White Print

If you want an extremely cheap option, go for black and white digital printing.

However, you would also want to try out advanced colour match capabilities as it ensures accurate and vibrant results.

Best Digital Printing in Malaysia

Knowing that digital printing might be the best for your product, why wait anymore? 

Is it because you do not know where to get the service in Malaysia?

Not to worry, we got your back!

Why don’t you try the digital printing service with Botol Anggun? 

Botol Anggun lets you print your content directly onto either a plastic or glass surface. 

Using the silkscreen printing technique, Botol Anggun will provide you with only the best digital prints!

If you are still a bit rough on the idea or need a hand in helping you to decide, Botol Anggun has terrific customer service on their team to help you out in anything and everything!

You can count on them to give you advice on your logo designs and content and talk you through the procedures so you won’t be blindsided by anything.

If you are just starting and want to try out this new digital printing service, Botol Anggun accepts low quantities orders at affordable prices.

Being in the industry since 2015, you can rest assured that Botol Anggun will be able to produce high-quality prints and competitive prices for you.

Not just printing services, Botol Anggun also offers attractive and five-star bottles at affordable prices, with the lowest being only at RM1.01.

Botol Anggun also provides filling and packaging services for your products, logo design services, expiry date printing and ship forwarding services (cargo delivery from Guangzhou to Malaysia).

Also, Botol Anggun provides free advisory services to help you choose which bottle suits their product, plastic or glass.

We can guarantee that you will not regret choosing Botol Anggun.

Contact Botol Anggun now! 

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