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plastic container supplier

In today’s era of the emergence of cosmetics, we also witness the emergence of various containers in terms of materials, designs and sizes. 

Many product owners are finding ways to find better containers, not just in terms of the designs but also in materials.

There are many pros and cons to different types of materials but in the end, it all depends on your product’s needs. 

If you are having doubts or being indecisive on which types of containers to use for your products, continue reading. 

This article shares the benefits and reasons why you should opt for plastic containers. 


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6 Reasons Why Plastic Containers Are the Best Option

plastic container supplier

Have you ever wondered why many product owners use plastic containers and not other materials? 

There are many pros to using plastic containers other than the fact that some of the products are suitable with plastic containers. 

Let’s see the reasons why plastic containers are the best option: 

  • Sustainability 

Many think plastics are not good for the environment but due to plastics resistance to corrosion, it actually makes plastics very resource-efficient.

Plastic packaging is also very easily and frequently recycled. 

The makers of plastic containers nowadays mostly incorporate the green processes to leave minimal impact on the environment.

  • Affordable

People are more conscious with the money they spend hence they would opt for cheaper products. 

Thus, if you want to attract customers as well as to reduce the packaging cost, go for plastic containers.

Due to its lightweightness, plastic saves shipping and transportation costs. 

Other than that, it saves both the cost to get products to consumers and the cost to get post-consumer materials to recycling centres. 

  • Versatile

Essentially, you can mold plastics into limitless shapes so you can shape them to your heart’s content. 

Also, it is in your hands to decide how much content you want to put in your container and the types of products. 

The opening of the containers are also adjustable and moldable to cater the product viscosity. 

  • Lightweight

Plastics are known to be lightweight. Just comparing plastics and glass containers, it is obvious which is the winner. 

Not just lightweight, plastics are durable and strong which protects your products without adding the bulk. 

  • Transportable

With it being lightweight and strong, they are more transportable as they take up less space and are less fragile hence it is easier for you to ship the product to your customer. 

  • Easy to use

Plastic containers are easy to use and very convenient for consumers. For example, plastic tubing is easier to use compared to glass jars. 

As mentioned before, plastic containers are lightweight and easier to handle compared to other types of packaging. 


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Your Plastic Container Supplier: Botol Anggun

plastic container supplier

 If you are a product owner looking for a plastic container supplier, you have come to the right place. 

Botol Anggun, previously known as A2Y Glass and Plastic Supplier, has helped more than 1000 entrepreneurs since 2015.

In 2017, our company changed its name to Botol Anggun Sdn Bhd to further reflect the business model of supplying quality, attractive and exclusive bottles.

It is also in line with the company’s objective of wanting to build a reputation and become a major supplier in the cosmetics industry in Malaysia.

We are the only Bumiputera company that supplies containers, plastics and glass, for cosmetics and F&B industry operators in Selangor. 

We offer low minimum order quantities with wholesale prices!

You can get attractive and high quality bottles at very affordable prices, as low as RM1.01.

However, if you reach a certain number of orders, we can also supply custom-made containers specially designed for your brand. 

Not only that, we also provide filling and packaging services for your products. 

With our specialty, many of our clients have reported to be satisfied with our service.

We provide free advisory services to help clients to choose which containers are suitable for their products. 

We also can assist you in terms of label, bottle or container design, packaging type selection until your product is fully finished.

We have a variety of containers, either plastics and glass with different volumes, shapes and colors so you can choose to suit your product’s needs. 

Other than that, we have 200 different types of containers and all of our containers are exclusive, equipped with a wow-factor that will imprint in your customers’ minds. 

We aim to elevate our clients product value by producing elegant and modern product containers.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact Botol Anggun now! 

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