Everything You Need To Know About Printing Company Logo

printing company logo

If you are a business owner, you would know that logo plays a huge role in your business marketing. 

The logo of your company will not only showcase your brand’s identity but also connect with your customers – potential or existing.

So, it is advisable for your logo to be recognisable, attractive and easily remembered.

But that is not all, you have to also ensure that your logo can fit where you want it to be. 

If you are thinking of having it printed, you need to have the end product in your mind. 

Mind you, it may not look the same on-screen and that is why you need a good printing company to help you out. 

This article will share with you what you need to know about logo printing and where to find the best printing company in Malaysia.

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Company Logo Definition

explaining the definition of company logo definition

To put it simply, a company logo is a virtual representation of your company. 

Since the logo appears basically everywhere– on company signs, newspapers and advertisements, customers use it to identify goods or services provided by your company.

However, that is not all because logos also translate your company’s characters and values.

Thus, the logo is an essential part of your company’s branding 

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Tips Before Doing Logo Printing

Before jumping into logo printing, there are a few things you have to understand. 

tips for printing company logo
  • Raster & vector images

For logo printing, it is recommended to go for vector images as they are made up of geometric shapes while raster images are made up of pixels. 

The difference is made obvious when the images are enlarged/reduced. 

Raster images will get blurry as the pixels are stretched and squashed. 

Vector image, on the other hand, will retain its original dimension meaning the lines are crisp and sharp even when zoomed in. 

Vector images can be easily resized, are usually in an AI, PDF or EPS file type and are the best choice for logo printing.

  • CMYK & RGB

CMYK and RGB are colour modes used for printing and their names refer to the colours used, CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key (black) while RGB: Red, Green & Blue.

CMYK can create unique hues by blending the colours in different ratios while RGB displays the colours close beside each other to create an image.

In easier terms, CMYK is for printing while RGB is for digital.

  • Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed per every inch of surface area on a screen. 

Let’s not bother how much because all you need to know is the more pixels within an inch, the sharper the image.

In the case of the logo printing, the larger the surface you’re printing on, the higher your resolution should be.  

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How To Choose The Right Printing Company Logo? 

how to choose company for logo printing

Looking for a printing company that can change your game when it comes to printing your logo. 

This is because you need to find a company that understands what you want and is able to deliver it exactly the way you envision your logo to look. 

So, here are a few things for you to look for in a printing company.

1. Expertise 

Of course, in any service provider, you would want to find an expert in the field. 

How do you know if they are experts? Simple. They should be able to explain every question that you have. 

Start off with asking about different types and uses of paper and other printing mediums.

You can also gauge their expertise by looking at how long the business has been running and talking to their employees. 

If they are using technical terms that you have never heard of, you can ask them and they should be able to explain it to you.

This demonstrates that they know what they are doing and are happy to help you at the same time. 

2. Quality 

If a printing company has expertise in its trade, it will be reflected in the quality of its products. 

How do you know if they produce top-notched printed products?

Most companies in the industries provide samplings for the customers so you can ask for samples to do a quality check. 

If the quality is not as per your standard, you might want to look for another printing company.

What to look for when doing a quality check?

The prints themselves – make sure the ink is not flimsy, easily wiped off or washed off.

The design – the design should be appealing and not busy, cluttered or messy and most importantly, as you want it to be but better.

3. Customization

A good printing company should be providing a range of customization options that can accommodate your needs.

You should be able to customize your project as you see fit from the type of medium printed on and the size of the prints.

You should also ask if they provide design services since they normally provide this service as well.

They will be able to design ads, logos and general graphic designs which will make your job easier for you if you haven’t hired the company’s in-house designer yet. 

The advantage of using the designing services from the printing company is that they will know how to make your printing better from formats, colour spaces to sizes.

The only thing you need is the vision for your logo and they will make it come true!

This is why a printing company is important – to bring your vision to life! 

Now, you might ask, where do you find a great printing company in Malaysia? 

Well, rest assured because your search is over. 

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Print Your Logo With Botol Anggun!

botol anggun biggest plastic container supplier

With Botol Anggun, you can print your logo and brand directly on plastic and glass mediums.

Fret not, Botol Anggun uses a high capacity silk screen printing technique that will surely produce impressive printing quality for you. 

They also provide low quantity orders for you to test out their service and do a quality check before choosing. 

If you are new to this, don’t worry!

They have proactive customer service that will gladly help you on matters that you need a hand in. 

From logo designs to printing processes, just ask them and they’ll help you out. 

And the best part is that you can get high-quality prints at competitive prices! 

Not just printing services, Botol Anggun is also the only Bumiputera company supplying containers, plastic and glass, for cosmetics and F&B industry operators in Selangor.

This means you can also get your bottles with Botol Anggul and at affordable prices, as low as RM1.01 at that.

If that doesn’t pique your interest, let me tell you, Botol Anggun also offers filling and packaging services for your products as well as ship forwarding (cargo delivery from Guangzhou to Malaysia)!

Don’t wait anymore and realize your envisioned logo with Botol Anggun.

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