Consider These Tips Before Buying Plastic Containers Wholesale In Malaysia

Cosmetic plastic container supplier malaysia

Seeking a reputable plastic container wholesale in Malaysia?

Looking to establish a cosmetic line of your own and want the most professional-looking packaging?

You are fully aware, however, that most professional packaging is more on the expensive side.

So, you are left scratching your head on researching the most affordable and the best of quality for your products.

Seek no further, as in this article, we will list out some tips before buying plastic containers wholesale in the country!


Cosmetic Packaging Malaysia: 5 Best Suppliers You Must Consider

4 Functions of Plastic Containers in Organizing 

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One of the key reasons that plastic continues to be a mainstay in the storage sector is that new technology allows plastic to be eco-friendly.

There are many ways that plastics can play vital roles, specifically organizing in our life such as: 

  • Archive For Files
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When it comes to managing the extra paperwork that is no longer needed, getting a large plastic bin that is stackable and can be covered can make a big difference.

One method to get started is to set a certain time restriction for each department, then remove and archive all documents older than that date. 

That way, you may keep your current material to a bare minimum while keeping older records accessible elsewhere in your facilities.

  • Kitchen Storage
kitchen organizer

The majority of restaurants and commercial kitchens take great care to keep their work areas clean. 

By converting to plastic, you can ensure that your perishables and dry products are not only protected from the elements.

This is also so that the container in which they are stored does not degrade or decay. 

  • Clothing Storage

Plastic containers are still one of the most popular ways to store clothes worldwide. 

Storing clothes this way should help you save time and money.

In countries with four seasons like Europe, off-season clothing is stored in covered plastic boxes and the clothes will rotate accordingly when winter, summer or autumn approaches.

  • Mobile Tool Kits

Those who have many appliances or tools tend to want to keep it somewhere easily accessible and in one place. 

There are various different systems for people who work with tools.

However, the most typical way is to divide instruments into different plastic containers so that they remain separate while still being accessible.

3 Tips Before Buying Plastic Containers as Wholesales

plastic container wholesale malaysia

Here are some things to consider before making a purchase of plastic containers as wholesales: 

  • Weight

Always take into consideration whatever it is that will be filled into the plastic containers. 

We know how easy it is to overlook how weighty an empty plastic storage container can become until it’s filled with goods.

Choose a plastic container that is large enough to still allow for you to mobilise the filled container with ease.

  • What Needs To Be Stored

When choosing the best type of plastic container, consider the content. 

Collect your goods in one area to help you estimate how much space you will need for the goods to fit in the plastic containers. 

Measure the collected goods to figure out what size or dimensions of the plastic container you shall need.


How To Find the Best Packaging That Suits With Your Products
  • Secure Lids

Don’t forget to inspect the lids when browsing for plastic containers!

Check to see if the lid fits correctly and is not damaged. If you plan on stacking your containers, make sure the lids can sustain it.

Selecting the best plastic containers can be quite challenging, right?

However, you must remember that it all boils down to what you require, which is the most vital thing.

What should matter most is the quality and affordability of the items. 

And it seems Botol Anggun checks all of your requirements with their high-quality packaging with attractive designs for your goods!

Your Plastic Container Supplier: Botol Anggun

botol anggun biggest plastic container wholesale malaysia

If you are a product owner looking for a plastic container supplier, you have come to the right place. 

Botol Anggun, previously known as A2Y Glass and Plastic Supplier, has helped more than 1000 entrepreneurs since 2015.

In 2017, our company changed its name to Botol Anggun Sdn Bhd to further reflect the business model of supplying quality, attractive and exclusive bottles.

It is also in line with the company’s objective of wanting to build a reputation and become a major supplier in the cosmetics industry in Malaysia.

We are the only Bumiputera company that supplies containers, plastics and glass, for cosmetics and F&B industry operators in Selangor. 

We offer low minimum order quantities with wholesale prices!

You can get attractive and high quality bottles at very affordable prices, as low as RM1.01.

However, if you reach a certain number of orders, we can also supply custom-made containers specially designed for your brand. 

Not only that, we also provide filling and packaging services for your products. 

With our specialty, many of our clients have reported to be satisfied with our service.

We provide free advisory services to help clients to choose which containers are suitable for their products. 

We also can assist you in terms of label, bottle or container design, packaging type selection until your product is fully finished.

We have a variety of containers, either plastics and glass with different volumes, shapes and colors so you can choose to suit your product’s needs. 

Other than that, we have 200 different types of containers and all of our containers are exclusive, equipped with a wow-factor that will imprint in your customers’ minds. 

We aim to elevate our clients product value by producing elegant and modern product containers.

So what are you waiting for?

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